I grew up in Southeastern Wisconsin in a small town call Mukwonago, and yes Mukwonago is a funny name. I decided to venture outside of Wisconsin and go to a college in the great state of Mississippi. Attending Belhaven University has given me opportunities to grow and exercise my world view. I have been able to travel to Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and spend a semester studying abroad in Sydney, Australia. From these travels I have learned about myself, about other people and cultures, and most importantly about God.

I have a wanderlust, but I am also very consistent and dependable. Even though I have traveled to many exciting places, my home in Wisconsin is still my favorite place in the world. I stay loyal to the places and people that I love.

In addition to being adventurous, I am creative, imaginative and innovative. I see graphic design as a means to solve a problem. I love creating strategies and concepts that solve these problems in an original and unique manner. As I am about to start my next journey I hope to find a place to work that allows me to continue to use my creativity, imagination, and talents.


Roasting is Risky

How You Conquer It

Jackson Kemper Branding

Mizuya Interactuve Menu

Summerfest Poster

Curiousity Game

Osprey Ad Campaign

Summer Camp Banners

Gator Brake Branding


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